Acnes treatment

Acnes areclogged sebaceous glands, which are ignited when the secretion of hormones is unbalanced .With the young this time is during maturation and puberty, in adults during pregnancy and stress periods. They appear on the face, chest and back. Excessive quantity and the dead stratum cells accumulate and create a favorable environment for bacteria that can cause acne inflammation. Visibleconsequences are acnes, as a result of deep infection scars may remain.

Acute laser acne treated with the Nd: YAG. Before the procedure is performed with a laser, we do a microdermabrasion (diamante peeling), followed by laser therapy; thisis carried out once a week, five times in a row.

Acne & Acne Scar Revision

Acnes are clogged skin pores, which occur due to inflammation, because of the bacteria present on the skin. Acne is part of growing up, the adaptation of the skin to hormonal changes. Mostly skin problems resolve themselves, with appropriate care. Some individuals have serious acne, which don’t react to the antibiotic therapy and leave scars, which can be reduced by means of FOTONA Er : Yag laser.

During the treatment we remove the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and part of the dermis, the new skin is formed from the remains of the skin hair and skin glands.

After the treatment we will put antibiotic ointment on the irradiated area several times a day, which then needs to be removed with sterile fluid along with the scabs. The seventh day after the treatment you can start using moisturizing creams. Five days after the procedure it is necessary to take an antibiotic, antiviral drugs in case of infection with Herpes Simplex virus.

A week after the procedure swelling may be present; redness is visible for at least 4 weeks. We advise avoiding sunbathing up to three months after the procedure. The result is toned skin without scars and wrinkles which looks younger and the effect lasts for several years.


Laser healing of acute acnes

Face 60,00 € - 120,00 € 6-10
Back 180,00 € - 260,00 € 6-10
  10% DISCOUNT for package of treatment