Laser treatment of stress urinary incontinence and laser vaginal tightening 

Leakage of urine or urinary incontinence is the inability to control urination, with uncontrolled leaking of water drop by drop or in full, even when you try to hold off.

With aging, certain changes occur that could affect the occurrence of urinary incontinence. These are reduced by the elasticity of the bladder wall, reduced extensibility of the bladder muscles, which leads to incomplete emptying of the bladder, reduced number of spontaneous compressions of the bladder and others.

The most important are the changes in the women due to hormonal depletion. The lack of estrogen in post menopausal women plays an important role in the formation of incontinence.

Even younger women can have problems with urine leaking. The cause for this is the weakening of the pelvic floor musclesextensibility, as a result of successive births or because they are overweight.

The most common is stress incontinence. This is due to weak pelvic floor muscles with the inability of the internal sphincter to remain compressed when abdominal pressure increases (coughing, sneezing, laughing, walking down the stairs, lifting heavy objects). A small amount of urine usually leaks.

The latest method of treatment for milder forms of stress urinary incontinence is laser therapy. This is a minimally invasive method. The laser light, because of its heat effect, causes contractions of collagen fibers in the anterior wall of the vagina. Therefore, a change in the elasticity of the tissues of the vagina and the urogenital diaphragm occurs. However, since the bladder is held in the front wall of the vagina, the increased elasticity of the tissue is also reflected in the bladder. Simply put the organs that were previously drooping return to the original anatomical position and thus returning the continence. The procedure is carried out by a specialist gynecologist.


Vaginal relaxation syndrome

Laser thermolysis helps women who detect less sensitivity of the vagina during sex.

Collagen in the wall of the vagina is damaged and ages due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and after menopause and also mechanical changes especially after vaginal childbirth. As a result, the vagina becomes looser, the front and rear wall drop. Due to the reduced friction sex becomes less satisfactory for both partners and over the years due to sagging of the front and the rear wall of the vagina, involuntary loss of urine appears with exertion: jumping, running and dancing, coughing and whenever there is a strong tension.

The laser encourages the formation of new higher quality collagen tissue of the vagina becomes more firm and elastic; vagina shrinks again to set up an initial anatomical condition. As the front wall of the vagina is no longer sagging and because the vaginal tissues strengthened, even during exercise (for example running, coughing, etc.) urine does not leak.

The procedure is painless, it does not require anesthesia, immediately after the procedure you can return to daily chores. For optimal results we require 2 therapies with an interval of 6 weeks.

The procedure is performed by  Maja Merkun M.D., Ph.D. - A specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

Laser treatment of stress urinary incontinence and vaginal relaxation syndrome

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