Laser treatment of excessive hairiness 

Hair is permanently removed using FOTONA Nd: Yag laser. The laser beam selectively identifies the pigment in the hair, the pigment (melanin) absorbs heat and destroy the hair. The laser works on the hair follicle in the anagen phase (the period of active growth of hair), when the hair is highly metabolically active and sensitive to heat. Growth cycle of the hair on the body is different, depending on the part of the body .
The tissue around the hair remains intact, the hair follicle is destroyed forever. The depth of penetration of the laser beam allows the destruction of the deepest hair follicles and does not damage the skin.
To ensure a lasting depilation, it is necessary to process laser hair removal repeatedly several times, so that the laser works on all hair in the growth stage. In addition, the method is more effective when the hair is stronger and darker, the skin is brighter and thinner, the effectiveness of the laser is also affected by the hormonal status of the individual. A side effect of the laser is the synchronization in hair growth, which means that after the first irradiation, the number of hair apparently increases. Because of this, all of the hair is in the growth phase (anagen phase), so the second irradiation is more effective.
After the treatment, the irradiated area can be red and swollen, the redness may last up to two days. Hair starts to fall out in two to three weeks after irradiation, most of the effect is seen after the second irradiation. Sunbathing is not recommended 2-3 weeks after the treatment, also the use of harsh soaps or creams, otherwise the care of the skin is the same as you are used to.
In the case of hair removal underarms, face and bikini line, the time interval between two treatments is approximately 4-6 weeks, and only if there is new hair growth. The interval for the treatment on the arms, back, chest and legs is about 8-12 weeks, but only if there is visible new hair.




Laser permanent removal of body hair

Upper lip 50,00 € 8
Chin 30,00 € 8
Area between eyebrows 30,00 € 8
Armpits 60,00 € 8
Arms 150,00 € 8
Forearm 90,00 € 8
Upper arm 90,00 € 8
Chest 100,00 € – 150,00 € 8
Stomach 120,00 € 8
Bikini 80,00 € 4-6
Bikini brasil 150,00 € 8
Buttocks 180,00 € 8
Whole legs 250,00 € 8
Lower legs 130,00 € 8
Upper legs 130,00 € 8
Back - men 250,00 € 8
Back - partial 140,00 € 8
10% DISCOUNT for package of treatment