AWS Med system

The high energy acoustic wave generated by the equipment concept AWS Med is an acoustic wave induced by a ballistic generator.
The acoustic wave is generated through the probe in the form of a gun, whose barrel is closed at the end by a metal cap against which a bullet of steel is launched through compressed air, thus genera­ting an acoustic wave (or sound) that propagates from the point of contact with the skin to the dee­per layers.
The therapy with AWS Med uses high-energy acoustic waves that are introduced into the patient’s body in the form of high-frequency oscillations, allowing a lasting and effective treatment for cellulite ( PEFS ) stage I, II and III and more.

With the equipment AWS Med is possible to treat the following areas:  

Effects on the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue

Before the treatment using AWS:

Enlarged fat cells pushing up towards the skin surface.
The skin takes on the typical orange peel appearance. The not elastic and vertical fibers of the connective tissue do not stretch along with the fat that surrounds them.
This gives to the skin its characteristic appearance of mattress.
The local blood circulation is drastically reduced.  
During the treatment with AWS:

High frequency acoustic waves are introduced into the body.
This causes the relaxation of the connective tissue, while increasing skin firmness.
The therapy induces a significant improvement of blood circulation in the tissue and stimulates the collagen pro­duction, strengthening the dermis and the epidermis.  
After the treatment with AWS:
The skin and the connective tissue are more toned and compact and regain their natural elasticity, with a visi­ble and permanent improvement in the relief of the skin.  



The first results are visible after the third session. We notice right away that the mechanism of elimination of fat cells has started because the skin becomes warmer. To help eliminate the wastes, it is necessary to drink at least two litres of water a day and do 20 minutes of exercise every morning. It’s okay to walk faster pace.

AWS – Acoustic waves

Legs, buttocks 100,00 € 6– 12