Exclusive programme based on education, experience and interactive talle shops. Everything is dedicated to You Dear Women – who want to achieve higher personal: development, success, charismatics and aesthetics.




TO BE SUCCESSFUL WOMAN and LADY in the right style


MAY 15 2014


Answer yourself:

How do I treat to myself?
Do I cultivate and develop the feeling of my own values
 by my positive personal orientation?
Are my attention of love, joy, directed to me first? 
Am I really completely satisfied, mentaly fulfilled and happy?
Am I felt, seen and heard as a women among those who I like the best?
Am I loved and respected such as I really am?
How should I arouse the feelings of love and femininily to light up
 in my beauty and nature?
Do I know: » Who am I?  What do I want?  Where do I go?«


We're going to discover and meet dynamically all the beautiful and special womens's values that might be forgotten or you didn't dare to live your own way.

The aim  of our meetings is to discover and arouse your really right nature – your beauty – it's feminimity, selfrespect, determination inside beauty, love ....

But there's no success on this way, if you don't open to yourself first, to look yourself in your mirror, to try to accept your personality and if you aren't conscious of your own point.

The golden »Key« is in icluding the changes which will give you the inner power again. It's to say Yes to yourself , to express yourself in a new way and show the inside beauty outside, too. Woman and aestetics are one the same line. The aestetics is the higest form of expression in the external world.  

Our body is in sinergycal connection with our thoughts, feelings, emotions and it's our strongest means of communication. There's the saying: »The movement and the body tells us everything.« Are we are really aware of it?

The exscluzive and experience based programme's based is the achievement of the harmony and inner feelings with help of love. We're going to discover new wider dimensions self awarness. We're going to develop better self image and possitive feeling of your own value. 

Are you ready for new challenges? 

Do you want to know your personal »CODES« and pay your attention to development of your better part of your personality? 

If your answer is YES, you 'll do a great work on you. 

Discover this wondeful woman in you in all dimensions with the clear aim to be WOMAN and LADY inside and outside.

For You from all my heart, 
Zdenia Kodey


Woman's akademy  take place on every 3 rd Thursday in the mounth. The work is based on small groups including different therapeutic techniques as Gestalt therapy , Choise teory and Reality therapy...and the more experimental ones for you to get as much as possible experiences through the work on yourself.    

Every thematic set takes place in individual module once a month – from 5 to 8.30 p.m. 
The program is going  to take place in ALFA ESTETIKA , Krumperška 11, Domžale. 

Information and application: 
Zdenia Kodey  041 790 160

Additional services: :

- individual psyhosocial consultancy
- psyhoterapeutical tretmans  
- coaching  / leading and in monitoring / 
- mediation / elementary, familiar, divorcal, rekonstructive / 

Individual consultancy, therapy, coaching, mediation

It's necessary to make a special conversation about individual visit.

When :   The terms of individual services for your application are: 

                1st   and  3st        Monday     -              9.00  - 13.00  
                2nd and  4 th      Thusday     -            15.00  - 19.00 

Where:      ALFA ESTETIKA ,  Krumperška ulica 11, Domžale

The services are presented by:
 Zdenia Kodey, univ.dipl. soc. worker, spec., psyhoterapeut, mediatress


Zdenia Kodey  - female adviser, psyhoterapist, mediator

Zdenia Kodey is author of numerous preventive programmes. She is »the light« for many people who found themselves at crossroads and needed individual, partners or family therapeutic help. Her researching spirit always directed her on that's why besides univerity studies. She wanted to accept new knowledge and therapeutic methods and approaches. She finished two postgraduate studies on Medical faculty – studies of psyhoterapy and study for marital familiar advising.   

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